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New Boots! (and other assorted mods!)

Evening all! If you've been following us on the forums and on Instagram, you'll be aware that I've been running Maxxis Arctic Trekker winter tyres on our Yeti for about 18 months now (yes, through summer as well!). Maxxis Arctic Trekkers fitted to Yeti These have covered about 20,000 miles, and although winter is coming up and they still have about 6mm tread left all the way around (big thumbs up for Maxxis here!), I decided to make a change, even though they're phenomenal in the snow that we get here in Wales, and they more or less feel like regular tyres in the summer. Originally, I was going to try and get some BF Goodrich KO2's which are legendary in the overlanding scene, as well as being rated for snow. BF Goodrich KO2's  However, after doing the maths, I would have to have gone down to a 16 or even a 15 inch wheel to get them to fit! Obviously this would add anywhere between £100 and £250 to the cost of changing tyres, bringing the tot


Good morning! As I said in a previous post, I'm going to attempt to quickly run through all of the modifications we have done to our little Skoda Yeti so far. I'll only be briefly running through them, otherwise the post would be about a hundred pages long - I'll detail the more interesting ones in a future post or 2. I'm not really sure how to lay this out, so I think I'll just put some photos up from when we first got her, to how she stands now, with some brief captions under each photo. That should give you an idea of where we are, and, as I say, I'll go through some more in-depth stuff later this week. Anyway, enjoy, and if you have any questions, either reach me on Instagram (@overland_yeti), or use the 'Contact Us' tab on the left of this page, we'll be happy to help.   First modification! Some Nordrive roof bars   Modern Skoda badges, and numberplate surrounds LED number plate bulbs   Maxxis ArcticTrekker mud an


Hello and welcome to Overland Yeti. I decided to create this blog to document our adventures in our mini overland vehicle, the unlikely hero that is the humble Skoda Yeti! My name is Adam, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Blaenavon, deep in the Brecon Beacons National Park, here in South Wales, UK. Our Yeti journey began a couple of years ago, when our eldest daughter was about 6 months old. We were living in what seemed like the world's smallest house in Hereford, England, and we had completely outgrown it (as first time parents, we hadn't realised how much stuff babies need!), so we decided to move back to where I had grown up, and bought a beautiful house here in the magnificent Brecon Beacons. This was great, however in my few years away from Wales, I had forgotten about the proper Welsh winters, and had bought a 2014 Ford Mondeo Titanium X estate. Great for family duties, but, as I found out, even with winter boots fitted, absolutely pointless in the snow (t